Meet the Team

Steff Mags

Coach 'Cado herself, aka Steff Mags


Specializes in surf, skim, and anything avocado

Years of experience: 15

Years with SA: from the beginning!

Fun Fact: Steff loves to dance.

Jess aka JJ


Specializes in shredding the shore break

Years of experience: 14

Years with SA: 2

Fun Fact: Jess can spin a basketball on every one of her fingers!

Skim Instructor
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John O
Surf & Skim Instructor

John O


Specializes in anything board sports

Years of experience: 17

Years with SA: 1

Fun Fact: John eats a steady diet of pizza & ice cream.

Kerri aka SK


Specializes in surf

Years of experience: 6

Years with SA: 2

Fun Fact: Kerri was an ocean lifeguard for Beach Haven!

Surf Instructor

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